Health System

Municipal environmental health departments are charged with overseeing a number of different categories of municipal service which directly contribute to the quality of life experienced by citizens.

Community Health System

How does this benefit you?

The Community Health System is an Internet application that is providing a growing number of Metropolitan, District and Local Authority Environmental Health Professionals with tools that allow them to assess and interpret the status of community health operations. The system also allows an organisation to prepare itself to deal with municipal health services emergencies, as and when required.



The local authority can obtain the necessary information to track applications for certificates (licenses to operate) and monitor certified facilities, on an on-going basis.



When public complaints are filed on the system, they are recorded and managed through to compliance on behalf of the complainant and the local authority. Complaints trigger inspection activities and may lead to the withdrawal of a license to operate.



Pro-active management involves regular scheduling of inspection activities in every area of the environmental health department’s work. This means that inspectors go into the field with a pre-determined series of sites to visit, as well as an efficient route to follow.



Detect and act upon environmental health trends and critical conditionswhich need urgent professional intervention more accurately and swiftl.Trends