Business Process Management

Giscoe makes use of business process technologies to capture inherited knowledge and translate it into guided business process methodologies that result in greater efficiencies.

Business Process Management

How does this benefit you?

These solutions help local authorities provide an efficient and consistent high level of service delivery to their clients, which conforms strictly to local and international best practices.


Inherited Knowledge

Giscoe has encapsulated the inherited business knowledge that currently drives the engine of local government, into process-driven systems. These systems make it easier to introduce new employees and cope with high staff turnover.


Business Processes

The automation of local authority functions prevents delays in the process normally caused by issues such as staff absences and missing documents. This means that the path to delivery of the service required is fast-tracked, to the benefit of the community at large.


Quicker Implementation

Mapping processes guides local authority staff in implementing the procedures they are required to follow, when supplying services to the public and other stakeholders. Transferring documents from one department to the other and escalating to different approval levels, takes place far quicker when the process is automated.

How do we do it?

The system allows for concurrent processes, shortening lead and turnaround time when constructing or requesting use of land in the area required.


Inherited Knowledge


Business process enhancement


Quicker Implementation