GISCOE is able to offer a wide range of services applicable to spatially related projects. These services include GIS skills, bulk data capture services and field data collection/verification.


How does this benefit you?

Giscoe has the skill base to cater to a wide variety of tasks and applications in the GIS arena. A considerable number of client applications have been built using these resources and tools.


GIS Services

Giscoe's GIS implementations focus on the delivery of Software, Hardware, Data (Raster & Vector) and Procedures. These implementations adopt a holistic approach, first building on existing systems and incorporating legacy GIS data and then enhancing the system, by putting current best practices in place. Ultimately, Giscoe aims to assist clients in taking ownership of their own GIS system, leaving them with a sustainable environment that can develop into the future.


Bulk Data Capture

Giscoe has a complete local and provincial cadastral database, which is regularly updated and maintained for South Africa. This data stack allows local authorities and other clients to "cookie-cut" accurate and reliable data for their project focus areas relatively easily, thus facilitating more rapid project implementation. This is particularly important for organisations like local authorities, which can then focus on using the data to derive business efficiencies, including the enhancement and protection of revenue streams.


Field Data Collection/Verification

Extensive use of mobile technologies has allowed Giscoe to connect fieldworkers to the GIS system and update/verify information in real time. This has added significant value where the capture or verification of data is central to the application concerned e.g. Inspections and verification of assets in the field